Friday 16th of November 2018

About Us

‘Spandana’ , a name with the objective to ‘respond’ launched itself on Feb 24& is now making a mark in a unique way in the twin districts of Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Chikmagalur & Shivamogga districts. The main motive of Spandana tv was to break the concept of ‘local’ and become ‘glocal’ i.e. work like any other satellite tv channel and take local news to the global level. With the right combination of News and Entertainment Spandana today is the leading ‘infotainment’ channel with 3 studios based in Udupi , Dakshina Kannada and Shimogga.

The Characteristics of Spandana TV Channel are:
1) The concept of ‘Regional’ Channel’s existence
2) The concept of ‘High Definition’
3) Exploring at the ‘Regional’ level
4) Concept of Multiple studio streaming
5) Quality / Clarity

With stingers spread across the coverage area Spandana’s network is strong to give up to date news inputs on minute to minute basis. There are plans to connect the channel to other districts in the coming days.

Our Mission

Is to build a new concept of Multiple studio streaming of a TV channel across the state. The idea is to have a wide network and make Spandana ‘The Regional’ channel of parts where ever the channel is present.